Our Team

Aren't we all sometimes been fascinated by Mandrake's magic? Didn't we wish the same to happen for ourselves? Many of us, probably all of us sometimes wished so – but we also knew that those are not real. But magic is happening now and often – cutting edge Data Science and Analytics is creating magic for us in all verticals.

Despite that, Mandrake is still a phenomenon. You know why? Mandrake's magic is not the only one created the mesmerized impact. It's a team effort where perfect blend of Mandrake's hypnotic skill with Narda's intelligence, Karma's sharpness, Lothar's power, Hojo's might and Theron's wisdom that creates the fascinating sensation.

In Connect Dot, we are inspired by the Team Mandrake –Advanced Analytics magic can let data speak. We have the confident team of brilliance, experience, tenacity and quality to produce the magic 'team Mandrake' used to produce. Our tireless work is targeted to blend it all as perfectly as the magic with the mix of the use of advanced technology, the beauty of ideas, the sharpness of thinking, the power of data, the smoothness of implementation and the wisdom of experience. We, the 'team Mandrake' of Connect Dot, are here to Connect the dots – to create the magic for you.

Nilanjan the Mandrake

After finishing his Masters from NYU in Business Analytics, he wants to combine all his 15+ years of Analytics, Retail, IT and Marketing management experiences in one plate – using advanced analytics techniques, he wants to implement the magic in the world of retail with this Customer engagement marketing intelligence product.

Connect Mantra: Data gives us the dots to connect. We have to be intelligent enough to understand how much we can get from data if they are connected properly

Satish the Lothar
(Satish Bapatla)
Cofounder & Chief Data Scientist

An innovationist. Expert in Social & Digital analytics. NYU Stern graduate in Business Analytics. Rich 10+ years of experience in business intelligence and advance analytics drove his passion to found this startup.Extensive experience solving analytic problems using quantitative approaches and a proven passion for generating insights from data. His strength is his ability to understand the exact requirement and generate advanced models of data analytics according to the need.

Connect Mantra: insightful data can create good models and good models can show best results. Skimming meaningful data from a large data bank is the creation of real dots which can be connected to show the real power of analytics

Indrani the Narda
(Indrani Thakur)
Cofounder. Data Architect.

Coming from a strong background of Retail IT Product Development and Business intelligence, she is passionate about data and believes in the magic analytics can do using that. She is an experienced Data Modeler and data designer. Innovation motivates her the most.

Connect Mantra: Each product has its own dots. For a Retail Marketing product, understanding consumers properly is the main challenge – each consumer is a dot here – connect them intelligently and get the best result

Rouhin the Hojo
(Rouhin Banerjee)

He has a profound experience in driving and implementing Retail IT Products. With 15+ years of years of experience in Retail Operations management and marketing, he believed in the magic of ConnectCust and joined the journey with the team Connect Dot.

Connect Mantra: From conceptualization to implementation every step is a dot. For a successful product, connecting these dots is real important.