Marketing Intelligence driven Customer Engagement

ConnectCust is Marketing Analytics platform for identifying customer's need and recommending targeted messaging to bring customer through path to purchase. Our platform performs predictive modeling by analyzing data captured from all marketing channels including Point-of-Sale (POS), demographic, digital footprint, social messaging, consumer research data to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. Focus of ConnectCust is bringing the trust into customer and Retailer relation such that customers can turn into loyal advocates.

360 degree Customer View

Engage with your consumers using ConnectCust Are your 'loyal' consumers loyal enough to advocate your brand?

Recent studies in HBR have shown that 5% retention of customers can increase 25%-90% of retailer's revenue. Customer retention depends a lot on how you are communicating with them. In present scenario, creating 'Loyal' customers has become every retailer's basic requirement. Retailers want their consumers to 're'-visit their stores [brick and mortar / web]. 'Bringing consumers back to store' – is the main mantra of ConnectCust. Using Advanced Analytics, ConnectCust is finding out the requirement of individual consumers and targeting them with a meaningful content, in a preferable time and through a preferable channel. Loyal customers are not those who enjoy loyalty benefits only. Apart from frequent visits, loyal consumers should be the brand ambassador of the Retailer. ConnectCust is here to create same segment of 'Loyal' consumers, who will purchase regularly from the retailer and also will advocate the retail brand to create new consumers.

Maximize Revenue

Do you know that customer's share of wallet could be linked to company's revenue? Industry trend shows 60-70% are 'one time' purchasers. Are you making enough effort to reach out to one time purchasers?

Industry trend shows 60-70% are 'one time' consumers or gifters. We term them as Transient. Now the question is, "How to Convert Transient Consumers into Repeat or Loyal Customers?" ConnectCust have the capacity to target new Consumers with proper messages as per their personal requirements and bring them back to store. If 15%-20% of the 'one-time' consumers revisit the store, retailer will get handsome lift in their revenue. Consumer has a spending pattern and advance analytics can predict the share of wallet of the consumer assigned for the given sector of retail. Proper target messaging in a proper time and through a proper channel can make a lot of difference. New consumers of retailer will become regular visitors, regular consumers can become loyal and loyal consumers will bring more new consumers. Pamper your customers by understanding their needs in a given point of time, they will show the retailer path to maximization of profit.

Effective Targeted Campaign

Do you as a Retailer pre-engage with customer and give them options to influence their purchasing decision?

Consumer's buying decision follows a path. Desire to purchase – > what to purchase - > where to purchase -> purchase -> and finally recommend. To bring the consumer back to store, retailer should start communicating with the consumer in the very early stage of this path to influence their 'Where to purchase' decision. First, try to create the desire or need for the consumer and bring them to your store with proper messaging and offer. If not, try to convince their 'where to purchase' decision by understanding their answer of 'what to buy'. Communicate with the consumer understanding their personal requirement much before they visit the store.

Upsell and Cross-Sell

Do you consider market basket analysis while product recommendation?

Recommending product based on Market Basket Analysis is an established success path in Retail now. While targeting consumers, ConnectCust is creating product basket for individual consumers and utilizing this technique to connect with them. Sending generalized messages to consumers, without analyzing their real needs, have not much impact on them. To create 'engaged' customer, targeted & effective communication is necessary. Market Basket Analysis is one of the techniques to create those targeted messages. Advanced analytics helped ConnectCust to implement this special feature of on-line retail in target messaging. Retailer has the power of data with them – advanced analytics can show them how to utilize that enormous power.

Agile Marketing Intelligence

Are all your marketing communications are creating impact and producing output?

Marketers have begun to understand that powerful marketing communication is required to deliver the right message to the right audience in the right space. Agile Marketing concept has been developed by taking clue from IT development to respond rapid changes over Marketing campaign. The goals of Agile Marketing are to improve the speed, predictability, transparency, and adaptability to change of the marketing function. Powered by ConnectCust Marketing Intelligence, Retail Marketers should be able to manage their marketing campaign effectively.

Customer Engagement Dashboard

Do you get meaningful report from your existing customer engagement solution?

ConnectCust Dashboard will show the engagement level of each and every consumer of the retailer. Our Dashboard will reflect how proper target messaging can change engagement level of the consumers and how engaged consumers effecting the ROI of the retailer in a given period of time. Retailer will get a clear picture of conversion rates of consumer engagement from one segment to another.