Earning Customer Loyalty through Data-driven Solutions:

Data Conundrum:

The Challenge of Intelligence is a “derailing issue” for marketers, due to the following key points:

  • Volume: Data generation from millions of customers
  • Velocity: Real-time, non-stop data generation
  • Variety: Independent, fragmented data sources
  • Veracity: Lack of data synthesis creates distrust

Identify Your Best Customers:

Most brands can name their best performing location or product/SKU, but few can identify their Loyal Customers, who can drive upward of 80% of a brand’s sales. An inability to identify a brand’s Loyal customers prohibits the brand from effectively engaging these individuals on personalized levels to deliver value, build evangelism and even replicate. Loyal customers aren’t just transactional customers. Analyzing the resulting intelligence from your synthesized customer data help you to understand customers based on:

1. Robust customer personas based on Customer Life Time Value.

2. Advanced customer segments

3. Customer tendencies and trends

Get Personal:

Embrace Individual Engagement.Most marketers’ limited view of their customers forces them to adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to engagement, communications and promotions. This approach falls into the trap of providing the same value to a customer regardless of purchasing $10 or $1000 or visiting two or 20 times per year. This too can erode margins and actually decrease loyalty given the lack of relevancy the rewards can have for the customers.Our Product allows you to incorporate “intelligent customer engagement” for your loyal customers based on personalized dimensions like their shopping tendencies, channel preference, product purchases, frequency, etc.

Engage Ongoing Optimization:

Customers can shift their preferences quickly and frequently, leaving brands that don’t optimize their strategies and tactics regularly back at the station.A lack of ongoing campaign and communication optimization can lead to irrelevancy for your customers. Our Product helps you optimize your marketing strategy and related tactics for each customer segment . Understanding how your customers’ behaviors and actions are shifting can:

1. Maximize Loyal Customers value

2. Allow lapsing customer reengagement

3. Restocking at the appropriate times

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